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Al2O3 coated bearing

Al2O3 coated bearing

Haining Tarso Bearing Technology Co., Ltd

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When the electricity pass through the bearing in some applications, Electricity may break the grease film to generate the sparks and cause the melting damage to the contact surface. As a result the electrical corrosion occurs. This will bring poor bearing operation and bearing failure.The insulated bearings are a very effective solution. Alumina ceramic coated bearings are one of the most effective solutions. For example, the 6317 alumina ceramic coated bearing produced by our company did not break down in 30 seconds in the 3000V electric shock test.


Structure of Al2O3 coated bearing

Inner Ring


Out ring

 GCr15 coated with Al2O3

Rolling element






Haining Tarso Bearing Technology Co., Ltd is well known China Al2O3 coated bearing suppliers and Al2O3 coated bearing manufacturing company. Naite Ceramic Plastic Stainless Bearing insists on continuous upgrading and iteration of product technology, achieving closed-loop technological innovation, establishing a multi-faceted, multi-level, and wide-ranging innovation exchange mechanism, and building an industry R&D talent team Therefore, the technology of our ceramic bearing products are all independent innovations, and the supporting equipment is built by the technical team, with high scientific research capabilities. We also wholesale Al2O3 coated bearing worldwide.