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Si3n4 Self-aligning Ball Bearing

Si3n4 Self-aligning Ball Bearing

Haining Tarso Bearing Technology Co., Ltd

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Si3N4 full ceramic bearings have the characteristics of non-magnetic and electrical insulation, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, Grease-free self-lubrication, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, etc., and can be used for extreme aggression and special working conditions.


Structure Of Si3n4 Self-aligning Ball Bearing

Rings: Si3N4 Ceramic

Rolling Element: Si3N4 Ceramic

Cage: PTFE ( PA66, PEEK, AISI304 or other plastic material available too)


Si3n4 Vs Gcr15 Bearing Steel

Item Unit Si3N4 GCr15 Ceramic properties
Density g/cm3 3.2 7.8 The centrifugal force of rolling element is lower
Coefficient of linear expansion K-1 3.2*10-6 11*10-6 decreasing the clearnace change which caused by temperature
Vickers hardness HV 1500 750 Small deformation, better stiffness
Poisson's ratio - 0.29 0.3
Heat resistance 800 180 Maintain high load capacity at high temperature
Corrosion resistance - Excellent not good applicable in acid-base environment
Magnetic - Non-Magnetic Magnetic Applicable for requirement of non-magnetic
Conductivity - Insulated Conductive Applicable for requirement of non-magnetic

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